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A perfect family-friendly day trip, Rainbow MagicLand has 38 different attractions and rides in its themed areas. This theme park is popular - but rarely crowded, giving you shorter lines and more room to roam. With rides inspired by Italian animation studio Rainbow and plenty of shows throughout the day, all manner of fun for kids and grown-up alike.

This enchanting amusement park is a family-friendly way to take a break from Rome's busy-ness and get down to the business of rides! With 38 attractions and a ton of great shows, this a great day trip. The name says it all: Rainbow MagicLand. Rainbow because it's colorful, Magic because it's enchanting, and Land, because it's a place. A real place - just 20 minutes outside of Rome.

It may be close to the Eternal City, but Rainbow MagicLand is a world away; with fairy castles, fierce Vikings, magical fairies, powerful sorcerers, and intrepid adventurers. Rainbow MagicLand offers its visitors 38 different attractions - partly powered by solar energy - including a world première and three attractions unique in the country!

The park is divided into themed areas, some of which are inspired by shows from the popular Italian animation studio Rainbow (producer of Winx, Huntik, Monster Allergy, and more). You don't need to be familiar with those shows to enjoy yourself, just know that the studio tells enchanting stories, which permeate the enchanting atmosphere. There are plenty of rides, a number of theaters with shows throughout the day, and all manner of fun for children of all ages - and grown-ups too. 
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Meeting point: Via della Pace, 00038 Valmontone


  • A perfect family-friendly day trip
  • Giving you shorter lines and more room to roam and explore
  • Experience rides inspired by the Italian animation studio
  • Plenty of shows throughout the day
What's included:
  • Access to Rainbow MagicLand
What's not included:
  • Food and Drinks
  • Transportation
Timetable: every day from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. 

  • Chirurgical Masks are required, please bring your own
  • To reduce crowds, the number of visitors is limited