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Golden house of Nero:
Domus Aurea Guided tour

Via della Domus Aurea & Via Nicola Salvi, 00184 Rome


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  • Training shoes
  • Reserved Entrance


Golden house of Nero:
Domus Aurea Guided tour

An extraordinary experience to explore the sumptuous home built at the behest of Emperor Nero, a short way from the Colosseum!

Enjoy a guided tour to visit what remains of the Domus Aurea and learn about its history led by an official and expert guide!

Enter the Domus Aurea or Golden House, designed purely for pleasure by Emperor Nero, a man famous for jaw-dropping acts of self-indulgence.

Learn the history of what must have been one of the most aesthetically overwhelming buildings ever created, once home to luxuries like mosaics, marble furnishings and even a rotating dining room!

The vestibule of the house was so big it contained a colossal statue 120 feet high, the image of Nero and it was so extensive that it had three colonnades a mile long. There was a lake too, in fact, a sea, surrounded with buildings as big as cities.

Behind it were villas with fields, vineyards and pastures, woods filled with all kinds of wild and domestic animals. In the rest of the house everything was coated with gold and adorned with gems and shells.

The dining-rooms had fretted ceilings made of ivory, with panels that turned and shed flowers and perfumes on those below. The main banquet hall was circular and constantly revolved day and night, like the heavens. The baths were supplied with both sea water and sulfurous spa water.

When Nero inaugurated the house at the end of the works, he showed himself satisfied and said "Finally I begin to live in a house worthy of a man." (Svetonius).
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Meeting point: Via della Domus Aurea & Via Nicola Salvi 00184 Rome


  • Learn about the crazy history surrounding the site and the excavations taking place today
  • See the remains of former luxuries including intricate frescos, marble walls and underground lakes
  • Enjoy the guided tour with the local and expert guide
  • Visit Nero’s Golden House
What’s included: 
  • Reserved entrance to Domus Aurea
  • Guided Tour
  • Assistance at the meeting point
What’s Not Included: 
  • Food and drinks
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
Languages: English, Italian. 


  • Chirurgical Masks are required, please bring your own
  • To reduce crowds, the number of visitors is limited